Electrik Noir⚡ A new event of fashion + music + art on a backdrop of sacred audio.

February 29th 2020 • The Lunchbox • 9PM • 21+ $10

Electrik Noir⚡

A new event of fashion + music + art on a backdrop of sacred audio.

⚡Resident deejays

Self Destrukt

Betty Blackheart

Electro ⚡ Techno ⚡ Electronica ⚡ Synth ⚡ Future Bass


BLACKSTAR - Genderless sustainable fashion. Curated by Nikola Vendettoli & Kevin Von Krol for humans motivated by environmentalism & a desire to stand out from the crowd.

Genderless fashion.

Fashion activism.

Eco friendly.






Thought provoking fashion.

Fashion activism against fast fashion. The fashion industry is a massive source of waste. Brands that outsource manufacturing to workers making the garments paid unfair wages, that are vastly different then those they employ in the big box stores. They only show you what image they want you to see. We are taking preloved and unloved clothing and showcasing how to style looks in a new light.


Fashion is not gendered, humans created that label and design.


No brand to show off. We don’t know who’s hands made these clothes so why give them power? We have de.identified the brand, the gender category and the size in protest rebelling against the fast fashion industry.


It’s just a faux number. Vanity sizing and standard sizing does not work for humans of all shapes and sizes designed to fit within the confines of a few options. Each garment, each fabric type, each individuals tastes dictates how an item should fit and what not only looks good, feels good.

(Using only measurements of the garment)


Black is for protection and concealment. Black signifies the ending of one part of one's life and the beginning of another, allowing them to hide from the world while they discover their own unique identity and reclaim their power. Black is the end, but the end always implies a new beginning.

A portion of the proceeds go to a cause of your choice:

* Arizona Sustainability Alliance

* One•n•Ten

* Desert Paws Rescue

* Waste not


* Food Not Bombs

Venue Information:
The Lunchbox
4132 E Mcdowell Rd.
Phoenix, AZ, 85008