Guerilla Toss // Soft Shoulder

Guerilla Toss // Soft Shoulder

SELECT Presents:

Guerilla Toss 

"Guerilla Toss continue to play at the mystical meeting point of DIY punk-jazz skronk, jamband festival populism, and the clanging dance music befitting their spot on the DFA label." - Pitchfork

"Their aura is tie-dye, but their sound is brutal enough to incite a decent pit." - Rolling Stone (10 Great Modern Punk Bands)

"If these really are the end times, Guerilla Toss intend to go down dancing." - Stereogum (best 50 albums of the year)

"Boston band known for inciting moshing and booty dancing in equal measure." - Discogs

Doors at 8:00 / 21+

Venue Information:
The Lunchbox
4132 E McDowell Rd.
Suite #7
Phoenix, ARIZONA, 85008