MELT: Drum & Bass

MELT: Drum & Bass


Melt V2.2

back at it with new blood in the cypher


Quentin Hiatus -------------------------------------

Prog:Ram / RAM/ Free Love Digi/none60/ Translation

Ancient and unborn sparks, hear me now as I relate the tale of the firstborn son of Quintonius, the sage you know as Quentin Hiatus. He grew in the womb as a thought in the mind, springing forth like Athena from the skull of Zeus. As a young spirit, he ran with the Wolfpack, taught each day to Ride the Snake and Jump-Off from the jagged cliffs of hesitation. Earthborn children told stories and called him Beastman, scurrying into the night in fear of him. As the years past, he cultivated the Solo System and emerged from the wild, determined to Experience the Mysterious. Guided by the great master Sophos, he mastered the art of Formtranse.

With dj support by: Zeds Dead, Laurent Garnier, Andy C, High Contrast, J. Kenzo, Rene Lavice, SPY, Dj Krust, London Electricity, Om Unit, Addison Groove, Ink, Loxy, John B, Ivy Lab, Toddla T, Trace, Jenna G, Villem, Lakeway, Chris Inperspective, Sinistarr and many more

Featured in publications: Mix Mag, Dj Mag, Knowledge Magazine, UKF, Drum and Bass Arena, Magnetic Magazine and many more

Neo-Geo -----------------------------------------

GeoMetric Sessions/ KosMos/ Tactical Audio/ Melt

This Australian native has come into the AZ dnb scene ready to spread a his brilliant blend of liquid and dance floor drum and bass. His sets are comprised of his own original tracks/ personally crafted visuals, and are focused making you dance

and fall in love with d&b all over again.

D.M.T. aka Dirty Mind Tricks-----------------------

Fraktured Inc.

As a member of the Fractured crew, known for spreading the love of break beats all over America. DMT has been making some waves in AZ dnb for consistently laying down set after set of Modern Neurofunk and heavy D&B. And he's back again to crank out the jams and crush the bassbins.

The Guild Navigator ------------------------------

This San Diego transplant has been pushing hard over the years to bring back the sound of "the golden age" of drum and bass back into the vibe of our scene. His selections were so tasty last time that we had to have him back again to switch up the vibe.


After a long awaited return to doing, Sho is back at it again!!!

He's been cranking out mixtapes and hard dark sets for over 15 years now, and we are very stoked to get him into the cypher!!!

Expect banger, after banger, after banger, after banger!!!!

Venue Information:
The Lunchbox
4132 E McDowell Rd.
Suite #7
Phoenix, AZ, 85008