POW! (Castleface Records) // RNA // No Lungs

POW! (Castleface Records) // RNA // No Lungs

Fresh off their new release on Castleface Records, POW! bring the "synth-punk candy you can rot your teeth to!"

Mirror World Presents:

POW! (Castleface Records) - https://soundcloud.com/castle-face-1/sets/pow-shift/

"It’s ("Here It Comes") stylish and confident future/primitive punk that sounds like the Screamers album Eno never produced, with sinister synth and Warm Jets weirdness in service of something that could well work as an oblique strategy."

- L.A. Record

"Byron Blum’s guitars vomit twisted coils of wire and chromium tape. The drums are bounced through hammered cardboard and tin and the synths skitter across the headspace like feral androids, crouched and hissing."

- Raven Sings The Blues

"Through the grit and the grime, there’s immensely catchy songwriting that understands its roots while simultaneously forward-thinking."

- mxdwn


RNA - https://rnacid.bandcamp.com/

No Lungs - https://nolungs.bandcamp.com/

Doors at 8:00pm

*This event is ages 16+

Venue Information:
The Lunchbox
4132 E McDowell Rd.
Suite #7
Phoenix, AZ, 85008